Two souls (ii) (2021)
mixed media on paper


Two souls (2021)
mixed media on paper



No one
will ever love me
like you do

And that
is the truth

ashraf ishak
10:44 PM
28TH October 21
Taman Tun

Dendam terpendam

Dalam gerimis
yang menjangkau
aku datang
mencari dan meratap
rasa yang hilang
mencari cinta 
dalam keikhlasan
tanpa ada dendam 

ashraf ishak
1:45 Pagi
28HB Oktober 21'
Taman Tun

Tanpa harapan

Jika hati
tidak lagi menyinar
biarkan saja aku
mati dalam kegelapan

Jika engkau
tidak lagi mencinta
biarkan saja aku 
mati tanpa harapan

ashraf ishak
5:06 Pagi
26HB Oktober 21'
Taman Tun

Idiosyncrasy (2021)
mixed media on wood
55 x 55 cm

Chaos theory (2021)
mixed media on paper
37 x 27 cms


Shadows and movement (2021)
mixed media on paper
27 x 37 cms

Damai yang hilang

Bingkisan hati
yang terlerai
takkan dapat
ku cari
tanpa damai

Resah gelisah
tanpa arus
tanpa ada tangan
yang menggapai

ashraf ishak
4:18 Pagi
11HB Oktober 21'
Taman Tun

Ruptured lungs

The rupture of my lungs
in every breath that I take
my pulse stops 
every second that I'm awake
was every heart 
that you break
its like taking a glance
into the mirror of fate

Oh, ruptured lungs
my dues have been paid
mend my mistakes
so I could live once again

ashraf ishak
3:35 AM
10TH October 21'
Taman Tun

Ruptured lungs (2021)
acrylic on canvas
61 x 122 cms

Hello everyone. I will be joining Humankind's Programme of Arts and Wellbeing and Equality this Saturday from 9 to 10 am as part of a talk on being a visual artist and how I use my art to deal with my mental health.

Click here to know more. Hope to see you there.


Like a flower
blooming in the dark
I was waiting for you
to open up your heart

ashraf ishak
9:58 PM
3RD October 21'
Taman Tun