Untitled 19

Funny how i come up with something random and it just keeps on going. It's my orgasm of words. Enjoy.

when the sun
caught my eyes
submerged with feelings
of nothingness
in between
it wakes me up
from my sleep
for yes and no's
understandable conversations
of infinite, undefined
answers that intertwine
and soon it all was lost
once again
inside out
without a face to look at again
were those that didn't
find a way back
out of a shelf
carefully stacked
under twinkling stars
that re attracts
millions turned on and off
back and forth
and i see you
walking past me
with nothing to hide
except those things ugly
that you
are for once ashamed of
turning me into your scapegoat
of love

ashraf ishak
3:36 p.m.
23rd September 08'