ART FOR GRABS - The Merdeka Weekend Collission

"There was something for everybody at The Annexe that weekend, with countless events, workshops, talks and festivities of sorts colliding and strangling each other for space and attention." --

From: Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 12:00pm
To: Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 11:00pm
Location: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe
Street: Jalan Hang Kasturi
City/Town: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: 03-20701137


If you have never been to The Annexe Gallery's art bazaar, you simply have no idea just how cool KL has become. It's not just the checking out of affordable art or the young, sexy artists selling themselves, but also the buzz, the uber-cool folks and the happy clash of culture and counter-culture in a pot of arty love. If you have been, you know the drill! Save your money, and more importantly, your energy! You are gonna want to spend the whole weekend here.



The last round, we brought you rock gigs, alternative book fair, dance workshops and lots of stalls. This time we have...

+ + + +

Sat 30 to 31 Aug, 12pm to 8pm
Annexe Gallery 2 & 3
2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe

Forty arty stalls including those by witty artist Munkao, poet-illustrator Shahril Nizam, blogger Saharil, artist musician Fathullah Luqman, intrepid journalist Jacqueline Ann Surin launching The Nut Graph, photojournalist Danny Lim, photographer Erna Dyanty, found-object sculptor Lisa Foo, the ever wonderful Gerai Orang Asli and many more. Let's see what Cenderahati Merdeka they've come up with for the masses!

All items for sale are under RM100 each!

+ + + +

Sat 30 Aug to Sun 31 Aug, 11am to 7pm
Annexe Gallery 5
1st Floor, Central Market Annexe

Constructions of Malaya during the Colonial Era to the Present in film, photography and the popular imagination by TheOtherMalaysia and Dr Farish A Noor

Exploring the historical development of the idea of Malaysia itself, and how ideas of race, ethnicity and "native identity" - from culture ro sexuality - were invented from the colonial era to the present. INVENTING Malaysia will include lectures, exhibition of archival materials, and film screenings of movies about Malaya/Malaysia that were made around Merdeka, looking at how Malaya was perceived from the perspective of the Occidental worldview.

+ + + +

Fri 29 to Sun 31 Aug, Check schedule below
Annexe Gallery 4 + 1
1st + 2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe

Forums, workshops, film screenings and story telling with an angle on sexuality rights, by creating understanding, championing compassion and empowering the marginalised. The aim is to promote the freedom to love, and the freedom to live without fear of violence and harrassment for your preferences!


Fri 29 Aug

8pm to 10.30pm: Film: "Comolot" by Mohd Ikram Ismail, "Pangyau" by Amir Muhammad, and "Arisan" by Nia Dinata


Sat 30 Aug

12pm to 2pm: Forum: To Live Without Fear ~ Dealing with violence against transsexuals in Malaysia

3pm to 5pm: Forum: Probing Sexualities ~ Recent research findings into sexual diversity in Malaysia

6pm to 7.30pm: Lecture: Psychology Of Homophobia ~ Find out if you fit the profile

8.30pm to 10.30pm: Storytelling: Heartbreakers Anonymous ~ Stories by Jit Murad, Dara (of Air-Con), Julian Jayaseela & others


Sun 31 Aug

12pm to 2pm: Lecture: From Panji To The Present ~ A short history of sexuality in Malaysia and South East Asia by Dr Farish A Noor

3pm to 5pm: Workshop: Tongues Out ~ Borak-borak on our sexuality landscapes

6pm to 7pm: Music: Malaysian Artistes For Diversity with Ning Baizura, Ida Nerina and more

+ + + +

Sat 30 to Sun 31 Aug
Annexe Gallery 1, check schedule below
2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe

Enjoy songs and poetry by some of KL's best singer-songwriters and poets in a cafe we created in the gallery. Plus food and drinks by Precious Restaurant. Merdeka Cafe is a pork-free environment!


Sat 30 Aug

1pm to 3pm: Gemerlapan, Izzy Mohamed, Priya Kulasagaran, Zalila Lee

3.30pm to 6pm: Sherry, Black, Azmyl Yunor, Alina Rastam, Meor


Sun 31 Aug

1pm to 3pm: Peter Hassan + Markiza, 13 Voices In My Head, Liyana Yusof + Alia Ali, Mei Chern

3.30pm to 5pm: Fathulistiwa Soundscapes, Bernice Chauly, Jerome Kugan

6pm to 7pm: Malaysian Artistes For Diversity featuring Nikki, Ida Nerina and more!


*Will be performing with my side project called Gemerlapan, So do check us and other wonderfull acts. Support your local artists and musicians