Lanny Barbie

The name Flarf comes from flarfy which means purple, a reference used for marijuana. Flarf is satire, intentionally inappropriate poetry made by Google sculpting and trust me, there is even an array of flarf poets. Here's my flarf poem inspired by a certain "website". Enjoy.

Cherokee bodybuilders in Heat,
Lesbians on leather couches,
A dream of a blowjob,
pretty in pink,
big butt parade,
three boys and three girls,
cum bubbles,
Germans fuck in a train,
beautiful brunette with big titts riding,
giving blowjobs to Elvis
double orgasms
oiled up and horny
in the end
Lanny Barbie serves her man

ashraf ishak
10:39 PM
18th January 08'
Subang Jaya