For Peace

This is a new poem I wrote today. It might not mean anything, but I'll explain it at the end. 

I'd smoke it 
but I would have
chocked it
I'd poke it 
but it's 
already boken 

The Fathwa Lingua 
of this society 
isn't what it is 
or is it even 
what it used to be 

We've leaned 
to hate! 
for what we have
made ourselves into 
A perception
only a caveman
could agree
A perception
of how man 
used to live 

I hate 
what changes they made 
to the world
I'm abused 
by the scattering 
gathering, forgetting 
what it was like 
to be alive 

I'd smoke it 
but I would have 
chocked it 
I'd poke it 
but it was 
already broken 

The Meaning of things 

 I'd smoke it 
but I would have chocked it 

Is how a head of the hunters would smoke after achieving something, but in the future, "the ones suited up" would choke on their smoke after they found out how much they've made out of money money laundring. 

I'd poke it 
ut it was 
already broken 

Is how an adventurer would find land to conquere but in the end "the ones suited up" gets it all f'ed 

 The rest Go figure.

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