That includes me

Slowly I'm fading out
like a broken sky
the once impaired truth that true love
was not a mistake to either of us
was it not true
we made empty promises to ourselves
telling others lies
on how we were better then others
without forgetting that the beauty was still kept intact
unattached from those promises that we kept
nobody needs to be alone
that includes me

ashraf ishak 
10:18 PM
29TH March 07'
Subang Jaya

Untitled 07'

This intricate life
doesn't make a sound
no soul does it have
nor shall it be bare
we offended people by procrastinating thoughts
others waited
we wanted it so perfect
that did it turn out to be?
We keep moving millions and trillions types of waves
like no ocean could eat us up
no motion to wind
no salvation to love
people are fragile things
you should know by now

ashraf ishak
5:25 PM
26TH March 07'

Subang Jaya

It was you I choose

We broke up
it's not the same
he's not
we fought often
I can't understand him
I still don't
what was it about love
that we committed ourselves to?
was it the give and take?
was it the kisses we made
out in the rain
or was it those things you did
that took my heart a step further
closer to those three words
like how it is
we don't appreciate the time apart
but soon you will understand
it was you I chose

ashraf ishak
12:50 AM
22ND March 07'
Subang Jaya


Sayup bintang berkejaran
suasana indah menawan
gundah tiada
tanpa hadirnya silu
tangan-tangan menyapai siku

Ada hari
hatiku ingin berkata
mengapa adanya mereka
kalau benar
Tuhan itu Maha-Esa
mengapa tidak punya mereka
harta dan segalanya

Aku cuma boleh
memberi simpati
tidak sampai hati
memaki atau mencaci
kerana seperti mereka
aku juga hina

ashraf ishak
5:11 Petang
9HB Mac 07'
Subang Jaya

Segalanya buatku

Kau yang membuat ku bahagia
kau yang membuat ku sempurna
kau yang membuat ku tersenyum
kau yang membuat ku "terapung"
kau yang membuai mimpi mimpi ku
tanpa kaulah hari hari ku sayu
Kau yang bisa membuat marah menjadi bisu
kaulah segalanya buatku.

Ashraf Ishak
4:45 Pagi
9HB Mac 07'
Subang Jaya