The girl next door

I hear her crying
from my undertow
sad life
attention deprived
she calls out names
that they cannot hear
like absent trickling
from her tears
what wound did not heal
tells the truth of it all
what makes her weep
what makes her cry herself
to sleep
and she will be crying
untill she gets sore
the little girl
that lives next door

ashraf ishak
6:30 AM
22ND September 07'
Subang Jaya


aku dan awan
meratap indah membuai
saat aku coba berlari
sangsi tanggapan imagi
aku salah tentang dunia
tak ada yang nyata
bila aku mau menyapai
bintang yang tinggi
tak samapi seribu tahun lagi
penat aku di sini
lelah aku menanti
kedatangan indahnya malam berseri
wajah ayu mu yang cantik
tak akan ku lupai
walau kau masih jauh di sana
akan ada aku di sini

ashraf ishak
5:30 Pagi
14HB September 07'
Subang Jaya

Everyhing that I need

I am outside looking in
and wondering
what life would be
I'm gasping for air
forgetting time and time
the fickle minded never despairs
believe thy God be He!
not thy enemies
or the sword that be envy
of thy kings
Be scouts and start fire
flaming through the stars
lighting hearts desire
comforting the beauty
the blanket that shines
the night
be ashes upon us
sleeping us through
hollows of wooden statues
without a broken hand
could he love
that without it
did I ponder upon
and everything I need

ashraf ishak
5:18 AM
10TH August 07'
Subang Jaya

For our soul

The sun
parallel to the moon
between stars
hidden behind tears
of unwanted beings
what became of our despair
despite neither of us
too desperate to explain
between man and God
time and space exists
humanity makes a living
from what we saw
did we encounter life as it is
beautiful, mistakenly driven
by what miserable
wants, needs and nots
we on the other hand
are guilty to what we hold
for the future is of our past
and the past is only
for our soul

ashraf ishak
5:52 AM
7TH July 07'
Subang Jaya


are made of these
of me and you
like how we first started
our first kiss
our first touch
those first words
the first love we ever had
strangely enough
there are no words
that could explain
when you've found her
like how an ordinary life
would be
without the incidents of love
passing through
what brought us here
and here we are
with our lives barely new
thrown dead into love
for what craving
to touch, to kiss and to hold
without complying to whatever
comes in between
and through all of that
it was worth all the pain
the happiness, the joy
for I could never imagine
living my life
with anyone else
but you

ashraf ishak
4:23 AM
7TH July 07'
Subang Jaya

For my MJ

like the rhythmic section
was in your lungs
diluted flow of energy
to the soul
magnitude in degrees
how far up you are
from the ground
the art of poetry
like the chi rising up
lighting up
every haze
just blows me away

Ashraf Ishak
4:59 AM
19TH April 07'

Subang Jaya


take me away of my connections
let sleep not
fail us again
you were the hands that guarded me
I grew up in a place called Dreamland
that now I have been stripped off

my cries are useless
as I recite in your arms
hugging you
so I could forget hunger
so I could forget pain

take me far away from my connections
let sleep not fail us again

ashraf ishak
3:55 AM
22ND April 07'

Subang Jaya

The last love letter

I have a line of notes
lying about time
lying about the things we have left behind
I had dozens of wasted energy
but precious memories put us in this line
I hated the way I hated myself
but it wasn't my fault you'd already left
I had no space to provide
how painfull pain was when it just had to hide
I wish I had a chance to right the chances I blew
I love you
guess you'd already knew

ashraf ishak
8:22 PM
9TH April 07'
Subang Jaya

"The only way to be a great poet is to experience life" 

- Gary; Ex KDU lecturer and friend

I see through you

I was in my shower
memories had me
linger through time
we made out and passed out
and when they finally knew
we laughed at them
starring through walls
daggers and stones
they threw themselves upon
light had me shattered
although I
did I not let it be
the wonders of time
passing by
did it scare the hell out of me
I was doomed
to presume life
but my concions were clear
that I still have it

ashraf ishak
2:55 PM
9TH April 07'

Subang Jaya

That includes me

Slowly I'm fading out
like a broken sky
the once impaired truth that true love
was not a mistake to either of us
was it not true
we made empty promises to ourselves
telling others lies
on how we were better then others
without forgetting that the beauty was still kept intact
unattached from those promises that we kept
nobody needs to be alone
that includes me

ashraf ishak 
10:18 PM
29TH March 07'
Subang Jaya

Untitled 07'

This intricate life
doesn't make a sound
no soul does it have
nor shall it be bare
we offended people by procrastinating thoughts
others waited
we wanted it so perfect
that did it turn out to be?
We keep moving millions and trillions types of waves
like no ocean could eat us up
no motion to wind
no salvation to love
people are fragile things
you should know by now

ashraf ishak
5:25 PM
26TH March 07'

Subang Jaya

It was you I choose

We broke up
it's not the same
he's not
we fought often
I can't understand him
I still don't
what was it about love
that we committed ourselves to?
was it the give and take?
was it the kisses we made
out in the rain
or was it those things you did
that took my heart a step further
closer to those three words
like how it is
we don't appreciate the time apart
but soon you will understand
it was you I chose

ashraf ishak
12:50 AM
22ND March 07'
Subang Jaya


Sayup bintang berkejaran
suasana indah menawan
gundah tiada
tanpa hadirnya silu
tangan-tangan menyapai siku

Ada hari
hatiku ingin berkata
mengapa adanya mereka
kalau benar
Tuhan itu Maha-Esa
mengapa tidak punya mereka
harta dan segalanya

Aku cuma boleh
memberi simpati
tidak sampai hati
memaki atau mencaci
kerana seperti mereka
aku juga hina

ashraf ishak
5:11 Petang
9HB Mac 07'
Subang Jaya

Segalanya buatku

Kau yang membuat ku bahagia
kau yang membuat ku sempurna
kau yang membuat ku tersenyum
kau yang membuat ku "terapung"
kau yang membuai mimpi mimpi ku
tanpa kaulah hari hari ku sayu
Kau yang bisa membuat marah menjadi bisu
kaulah segalanya buatku.

Ashraf Ishak
4:45 Pagi
9HB Mac 07'
Subang Jaya

Am I missing you?

About last week
I had a dream
it was about you
I'm serious...
now, it still haunts me
why you were in my dream
maybe it was because
I've not met you
for such a long time
or was it because...
I've always had you in my mind
Am I missing you?.

ashraf ishak
7:16 p.m.
12TH February 07'
Subang Jaya