Life on diliberation

Life on deliberation
when it's hard
to put the politics aside
harder to remember
on which blood we

Life on deliberation
when you pushed against me
we fought back for the glory
of the third world countries

Life on deliberation
you made war
out of guns
with the hate
you've outdone?

Life on deliberation
will there peace on
on this land
and revolutionary

Now you tell me
After all
it may be nothing worth
talking about

ashraf ishak
11:16 PM
14TH December 08'
Subang Jaya

"There shouldn't be anything that we can't resolve even through the insolence or this abrupt society. There shouldn't be hate, but be there peace and love for all" - ashraf ishak

penawar hatiku

Miss Fynn inspired me to write this one. So here's to you Fynn. Enjoy.

penawar hatiku

segala yang
membuat aku pilu

seperti hujan
langit yang gelap

Seperti berderai
debu dan asap

membunuh semua cerita

itu yang duka dan hampa!.

seperti pisau
memotong tanganya

yang membuat ku

pendusta cinta

Namun kau
penawar hatiku

ashraf ishak
2:36 p.m.
4hb Februari 08'


A poem I wrote about falling in love after a long tiring sleep in class. Enjoy.

By the we slept
it made us look
as if we had fallen in love
in the same parrarel mind
in the same sequence of dream
we had forgotten who we are
in this concrete diversity
of surreal fictions
moving in and out of trance
giving away the opportunity
to surrender ourselves
to the real world

ashraf ishak
19th April 04
Commuter Station
Subang Jaya

Dear God

A testimony that we shouldn't take life for granted and that there is a reason why were made to live. I wrote this based on my cousin who went into a coma from lupus, which is a rare white blood cell disease. Enjoy.

Dear God
you answered my prayers
from those tears they cried
I heard you call me
in my dreams
when everyone else
was talking to me
in my sleep
was a vision
black and white streaks of light
i became a part of you
and you were in me

Dear God
you woke me up one day
telling me I should live
more days of my life
better then it was yesterday
but yesterday we moved along
eventhough I'm hurt
I still have you
and I thank you for that
dear God

ashraf ishak
26th October 06
2:48 a.m.