When beauty becomes weak
only light could rule us
for darkness is merely nothing
nothing but streaks of forgiveness
that no one seeks
and God
you are someone that never forgets
someone who gives without regrets
but the love that you equally share
with us all
more concrete then any given wall
I prey that you show us
the light
so that beauty could rule us
so we are no longer weak
and forgiveness is yet again
what we seek

ashraf ishak
4:13 PM
8TH October 06’
Bazaar Ramadhan

The death of me

My heart
is far away
that is how much
I love her
she sings a sweet chorus
of devotion
a number 9 potion
that nstantly kills
in this quiet desperation
is a part of me
that dies with her
tragedy ends
with beautiful kisses
and kisses end
with tragedy
verses of premelodic
like how my suicide
would be
and with this note
that I leave
are the words
"let your love be
the death of me"

7:34 a.m.

What love is

Let's conversate
in the language of love
subtract the time
to elaborate
add hours
to appreciate
divide equal parts
of trust
times how long it takes
equals beauty
if beauty equals to infinite
then the speed drift
of it all
was miscalculated
as zero to one
the ratio
to somewhat how
we see others as attractive
as we think
but then again
love like I said
doesn't take years
to figure out
love as we think
is as confusing
as the formula given above

ashraf ishak
7:15 PM
6th Oct 06'

Subang Jaya

Vocational haze

I feel my limbs
pulling me
telling me it's on
has got me addicted
to casablancas
and the usual type
of paper roles
not to mention
all the food
that went to waste
it was time
lights out
black ot
eccentric souls collide
but we were
the only three
left by the side
in a hidden place
vocational haze

ashraf ishak
4:17 AM
4th October 06'
Subang Jaya

Beautiful lies

On the day
I floated away
by nigh time fall
when darkness said goodnight
you were there
but now I wish
you were someone else
someone I used to love
or someone better
she was a part of me
I never let go of
like the minute
I think of her
was like the years
we broke up
did the fraction
of the time
fractured yours and mine
beautiful lies indeed

ashraf ishak
5:26 PM
4TH September 06'
Subang Jaya

A million miles

You came to me in a blink of an eye
and that song will always remind me
of what I have lost
the most precious yet at times
the letters in transition
between thoughts lost in time
I could hardly barely see you
through my eyes
even if hearts were shattered
to a million miles
the redness of blue
and the blueness of red
deep within you
even though hearts shattered
to a million miles

ashraf ishak
12:15 PM
5TH December 05'
Subang Jaya


Lihatlah manusia
senang saja bila bergembira
lupakan hal dunia segala
bila nyawa terkumpul
memeluk tubuh yang sasa
aku yang longlai
dari tidurku yang lama
ku cuma mahu mereka tahu
aku ada di sini
mendengar bisikkan mereka
cuma ku tak bisa menoleh
dan betegur sapa

Lihatlah manusia
senang saja bila bergembira
lupakan hal dunia segala
tapi bila dunia sudah tiada
apa yang ada?

ashraf ishak
12:10 Pagi
23HB Ogos 06'
Subang Jaya