For my MJ

like the rhythmic section
was in your lungs
diluted flow of energy
to the soul
magnitude in degrees
how far up you are
from the ground
the art of poetry
like the chi rising up
lighting up
every haze
just blows me away

Ashraf Ishak
4:59 AM
19TH April 07'

Subang Jaya


take me away of my connections
let sleep not
fail us again
you were the hands that guarded me
I grew up in a place called Dreamland
that now I have been stripped off

my cries are useless
as I recite in your arms
hugging you
so I could forget hunger
so I could forget pain

take me far away from my connections
let sleep not fail us again

ashraf ishak
3:55 AM
22ND April 07'

Subang Jaya

The last love letter

I have a line of notes
lying about time
lying about the things we have left behind
I had dozens of wasted energy
but precious memories put us in this line
I hated the way I hated myself
but it wasn't my fault you'd already left
I had no space to provide
how painfull pain was when it just had to hide
I wish I had a chance to right the chances I blew
I love you
guess you'd already knew

ashraf ishak
8:22 PM
9TH April 07'
Subang Jaya

"The only way to be a great poet is to experience life" 

- Gary; Ex KDU lecturer and friend

I see through you

I was in my shower
memories had me
linger through time
we made out and passed out
and when they finally knew
we laughed at them
starring through walls
daggers and stones
they threw themselves upon
light had me shattered
although I
did I not let it be
the wonders of time
passing by
did it scare the hell out of me
I was doomed
to presume life
but my concions were clear
that I still have it

ashraf ishak
2:55 PM
9TH April 07'

Subang Jaya